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Message from the president

"Customer's voice into products"

We aspire to be "only ONE" company by our manufacturing

NichidaiFilter Corporation is a pioneer and expert in diffusion-bonding (sintering) technology of stainless steel materials (mainly mesh and cloth) with 41years history.

We are manufacturing at Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto which is the birthplace of Sencha(green tea). In 1974, we released our first standard sintered wire mesh "Absolata" into the market. And it is the self-developed technology.

In 1980, we started developing the parts of Japanese rockets, in which sintering technology is essential, together with Tokyo University Institute of Space and AstronauticalScience (precursor of "JAXA") .Since then, we have been producing the parts.

In 2007, we established our manufacturing base in Thailand, Thai Sintered Mesh Co., Ltd (TSM). Now, we proud that our total supply and supply capacity of sintered products is the largest class in the world.

As an expert of sintering stainless steel materials, we think out in customer perspective and produce products to "give shape to your voice". This is our mission and we continue far into the future.

Our slogan is "One for All, All for One" and we are the "Team" in which all staffs have mutual understanding, help each other and feel physical, mental and social motivation in life and work hard to keep trying new challenges.

If you need sintering of stainless steel materials or other materials, please feel free to consult us.

President Nakamura Atsuto

PresidentNakamura Atsuto

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