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What’s stainless steel porous metal?

"Stainless steel porous metal" is made by sintering several stainless steel materials into one piece and this has various porous configuration.

Stainless Porous Metal
for various applications

sintered wire meshsintered wire mesh

powder & sintered wire meshpowder &
sintered wire mesh

sintered etched platesintered etched plate

metal fiber (cross-section)metal fiber


  • In sintering process, only stainless steel is used.(no insert metal)
  • This is usable under the cryogenic condition up to -270°C.
  • The combination of materials and processing are depending on your needs.
Stainless SteelPowder
Nonwoven cloth
Plate /Perforated plate

Hastelloy®, Inconely® are available as well, consult us.

Unrestricted possibilities of stainless steel porous metal

Stainless porous metal has various possibilities. The application is not limited to the filter purpose.
It could realize some functions you require. Now, we introduce a part of our products.
If you get some inspiration from them, please feel free to consult us!

Material Combinations
Some examples of material combination

Filter use / Industry
Filter products by industries.

Filter use / Purpose
Filter products by purpose.

Other applications
Stainless porous metal has various applications.

Catalyst Carrier
The catalyst carrier has superior characteristics by using sintered wire mesh as base material.

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