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We, Nichidai Filter Corporation, have over 40 years experience of sintering stainless steel material, mainly stainless steel cloth and mesh. We have been a pioneer as well as an expert in the field of sintering (diffusion bonding) stainless steel material. In 1974, we offered to the market our first standard wire mesh product, "Absolta" developed by our own technology and effort.

In 1980, we started to tie up with Tokyo University Institute of Space and Astronautical science, reformed later to JAXA, to develop some parts of Japan rockets. Since then, we have been producing the essential parts of Japan rockets.

In 2004, our organization has been reformed from Filter Division of Nichidai Corporation to Nichidai Filter Corporation.

In 2007, Thai Sintered Mesh Co., Ltd was established in Thailand to produce more sintered wire mesh panels, especially to meet the demand of the world crude oil field and started its production in 2008. At this point, we were probably No.1 supplier in the world.

As an expert and the pioneer of sintered wire mesh, we definitely believe that our mission is to continue to provide with porous metal products of various stainless steel material to meet needs and requirements of our customers far into the future. In case you need any porous metal of stainless steel, your contacts, inquiries, etc. to us are always welcome.

Start of business: We started sintering wire mesh in 1972.
Established:April, 2004
Capitalization:A hundred million Yen
No. of employees:100(consolidated)
Sales:around 1.7 billion Yen (2014) on consolidated basis
Group:subsidiary wholly owned by NICHIDAI CORPORATION (JASDAQ:6467)


1974 The first original sintered wire mesh "ABSOLTA" by own technology is developed and provided to the market in Japan.
1980The development of rocket parts started together with Tokyo University Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science.
1981Filter Division was officially organized in Nichidai Corporation.
1998Nichidai gained ISO 9001 certification
2004Filter Division of Nichidai Corporation was reformed to Nichidai Filter Corporation (NFC).
2006The number of vacuum furnaces in NFC became four.
2007Thai Sintered Mesh Co., Ltd. (TSM) was established in Thailand as a subsidiary.
2008TSM started production with four vacuum furnaces. The total units of vacuum furnace in Japan and Thailand became eight.
2011TSM started production of filter elements.
2013NFC received two patent for the sintered porous metal product.
2014Total production volume of NFC and TSM would be the world's largest, about 5,000 square meter per month.
2015Both NFC and TSM increased one unit of vacuume furnace each to expand the production capacity.

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